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  • iOS 8 , Swift Development
  • Android Phones / Tablets
  • Windows Phone
  • BlackBerry
  • HTML5
  • Facebook Applications
  • Smart TV Applications
Summit, Orascom Group

Summit, Orascom Group

When Orascom needed a Camera Surveillance Control System, we were on-site and provided them with all the technology they needed



EGID was stuck in creating its stock exchange Applications. That`s until we came along!

The Group

The Group

A Multi-Billion Dollar Qatari Fin-tech Service whose been our Client for 9 Years!



The industry is always changing, Vodafone has been adapting with our help!

Features you can't miss

  • Mail Management

    it's easy to send Emails and get response from your customers.

  • Customers Tracking

    Tracking user behaviour and collecting data about your customers.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Many Dashboards provide you fully Statistics about your application and your customers


What exactly can we Build For You?

Fintech Applications

We do:

  • Investor Relations
  • Banking Applications
  • Stock Trading Applications
  • Mobile Wallet Solutions
  • BlockChain
  • Cryptocurrency

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Mobile E-Commerce

We do Ecommerce for Shops, Restaurants, Service On-demand, and Delivery applications.

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We do Human Relations Applications as well as Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning

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Personalized Apps

We work on tools like:

  • Phone Book tools
  • Digital Scanners
  • Machine Learning
  • Optical Character Recogniton
  • Translation
  • Text to Speech, Speech to Text

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  • Integrations

    We provide a fully integration with third party services and APIs

  • Marketing

    we can help you to increase downloads of your app

  • Support

    Apps Valley provides you with the last trends in mobile application. It'll help you to focus on your product, launch your application faster and handle versions update.

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